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Today is the simple past...

The simple past is known in English as something like, I had, He was, They did, You went, We liked, She made, It fell, it is most commonly recognized as placing an -ed at the end of a verb in English. In Seraglia-jun, the simple past is shown by adding a special set of conjugations. Depending on the verb ending -are, -ere, -ire or -aire/-oire dpens on what set of conjugations you use... Later i will show you the future forms of the irregular verbs, Aesire, Are, Fire...

~Simple Past~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
-are verbs
Ex.)Vivare -to live
Jo vivâ
Teo vivai
Eo/Is vivam
Ea vivace
Nosaltres vivao
Vosaltres vivatis
Ei/En vivamus
Eu vivascus

-ere verbs
Ex.)Miere -to put/place
Jo mié
Teo miei
Eo/Is miem
Ea miese
Nosaltres mieo
Vosaltres mietis
Ei/En miemus
Eu miescus

-ire verbs
Ex.)Aruire -to walk
Teo aruii
E'/Is aruim
Nosaltres aruyo
Vosaltres aruitis
E'/En aruimus

-aire/-oire verbs
Ex.)Pannoire -to think
Jo pannô
Teo pannei
Eo/Is pannem
Ea pannese
Nosaltres panneo
Vosaltres pannetis
Ei/En pannemus
Eu pannescus

Here are Aesire, Are and Fire in their future forms..

Aesire-to be
Jo sera
Teo seras
Eo/Is serai
Ea serei
Nosaltres sermos
Vosaltres serdes
Ei/En serant
Eu serent

Are-to have
Teo auras
E'/Is aurai
Nosaltres aurmos
Vosaltres aurdes
E'/En aurant

Fire-to do/make
Jo fira
Teo firas
Eo/Is firai
Ea firei
Nosaltres firmos
Vosaltres firdes
Ei/En firant
Ea firent
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