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The imperfect and conditional tenses...

Ok, the imperfect and conditional tenses are both very similar to one another, the conditional and imperfect share the same singular pronoun verb conjugations, also i will be adding the simple pasts forms of Aesire, Are and Fire...
To form the imperfect you take the verb ending off of the infinitives in regular formed verbs
~imperfect endings~

To form the condintion you take the future stem of the verb, which in regulare formed verbs is usually the infinitive with the "e" taken off of the end...
~conditional endings~

Here are the examples...
-are verbs
Ex.)Mondare-to show
Imperfect | Conditional
Jo mondo | Jo mondaro
Teo mondais | Teo mondarais
Eo/Is mondait | Eo/Is mondarait
Ea mondata | Ea mondarata
Nosaltres mondions | Nosaltres mondarayons
Vosaltres mondiez | Vosaltres mondarayez
Ei/En mondiont | Ei/En mondarayant
Eu mondient | Eu mondarayent

-ere verbs
Ex.)Scandere-to climb
Imperfect | Conditional
Jo scando | Jo scandero
Teo scandais | Teo scanderais
Eo/Is scandait | Eo/Is scanderait
Ea scandata | Ea scanderata
Nosaltres scandions | Nosaltres scanderayons
Vosaltres scandiez | Vosaltres scanderayez
Ei/En scandions | Ei/En scanderayant
Eu scandient | Eu scanderayent

-ire verbs
Ex.)Mirire-to look
Imperfect | Conditional
Jo miro | Jo miriro
Teo mirais | Teo mirirais
Eo/Is mirait | Eo/Is mirirait
Ea mirata | Ea mirirata
Nosaltres mirions | Nosaltres mirirayons
Vosaltres miriez | Vosaltres mirirayez
Ei/En miriont | Ei/En mirirayant
Eu mirient | Eu mirirayent

-aire/-oire verbs
Ex.)Bachaire-to drink
Imperfect | Conditional
Jo bacho | Jo bachro
Teo bachais | Teo bachrais
Eo/Is bachait | Eo/Is bachrait
Ea bachata | Ea bachrata
Nosaltres bachions | Nosaltres bachrayons
Vosaltres bachiez | Vosaltres bachrayez
Ei/En bachiont | Ei/En bachrayant
Eu bachient | Eu bachrayent

Simple past forms for Aesire, Are and Fire
Aesire-to be
Jo fus
Teo fui
Eo/Is fem
Ea fusse
Nosaltres fuo
Vosaltres fustis
Ei/En fumes
Eu fiscus

Are-to have
Teo ai
E'/Is am
Ea eusse
Nosaltres eo
Vosaltres eutes
Ei/En eumes
Eu aiscus

Fire-to do/make
Jo fis
Teo fi
Eo/Is faim
Ea fisse
Nosaltres fio
Vosaltres fites
Ei/En fimes
Eu fascus
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