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Obligative tense

The obligative tense used to show what it is that one must do by necessity or obligation... Also I will show Aesire, Are and Fire in their imperfect and conditional forms... Regular obligative endings require you to take off the "re" of the infinitive to form the obligiative stem...

~obligative endings~

-are verbs
Ex.)Vivare-to live
Jo vivamasu
Teo vivamagne
Eo/Is vivamiet
Ea vivamacht
Nosaltres vivamasen
Vosaltres vivamagneus
Ei/En vivamotte
Eu vivamielle

-ere verbs
Ex.)Rukere-to assume
Jo rukemasu
Teo rukemagne
Eo/Is rukemiet
Ea rukemacht
Nosaltres rukemasen
Vosaltres rukemagneus
Ei/En rukemotte
Eu rukemielle

-ire verbs
Ex.)Louvire-to pray
Jo louvimasu
Teo louvimagne
Eo/Is louvimiet
Ea louvimacht
Nosaltres louvimasen
Vosaltres louvimagneus
Ei/En louvimotte
Eu louvimielle

-aire/-oire verbs
Ex.)Ajtaire-to help
Teo ajtemagne
E'/Is ajtemiet
Nosaltres ajtemasen
Vosaltres ajtemagneus
E'/En ajtemotte


Aesire-to be
Imperfect |Conditional
J'ero | Jo sero
Teo erais | Teo serais
Eo/Is erait | Eo/Is serait
Ea erata | Ea serata
Nosaltres erions | Nosaltres serayons
Vosaltres eriez | Vosaltres serayez
Ei/En eriont | Ei/En serayant
Eu erient | Eu serayent

Are-to have
Imperfect |Conditional
Jo tero | J'auro
Teo terais | Teo aurais
Eo/Is terait | E'/Is aurait
Ea terata | E'aurata
Nosaltres terions | Nosaltres aurayons
Vosaltres teriez | Vosaltres aurayez
Ei/En teriont | E'/En aurayant
Eu terient | E'aurayent

Fire-to do/make
Imperfect |Conditional
Jo fasso | Jo firo
Teo fassais | Teo firais
Eo/Is fassait | Eo/Is firait
Ea fassata | Ea firata
Nosaltres fassions | Nosaltres firayons
Vosaltres fassiez | Vosaltres firayez
Ei/En fassiont | Ei/En firayant
Eu fassient | Eu firayent
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